Defensive Driving Training

Petrogas (associated company of the Onstream Group in Gabon) organized a training session regarding safe driving in severe environment. The goal was for our drivers partnered with DIETSMAN to understand better the risks of driving on dangerous grounds as well as to give them better knowledge of their vehicles.

The training session was divided into a theoretical part where drivers learned the technical characteristics of their Amarok vehicles and how to use them best. For example when and how to use efficiently 4x4 or the different devices offered by their vehicles (automatic trajectory corrector, steep slope assistant, etc.)
Those concepts were directly put into practice on a sand field where drivers were taught how to pull out of the sand with the appropriate material, using their vehicles in the best possible way.

This training was a real success as all our drivers successfully managed the most difficult situations. By upgrading our workers driving skills and knowledge of their work tools, we make sure that they will be able to deliver the best possible services to our clients in the expected time. Find out more about the different services our company offers here

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